A Bangalore Getaway ** Day 5 - Festival Of Words **

"Write Tribe" the amazing write club am a part of  is hosting its first festival of words from 1-7 Sep on the theme "Seven". You could get more details about it here....

Am choosing to write of the seven loves of my life....

 A weekend getaway once in 3 months and a big bang holiday once a year is my idea to refresh the body and soul ;). But there are days, when I want to get away from the daily trudges of city life even if its just for a couple of hours....

Thus one Sunday, we went on a trip to this quiet and peaceful lake called Thattekere which is an offbeat picnic spot in Bangalore part of the Bannerghatta National Park.  The lake was supposed to be a haven for bird sighting  sighting but all we could see were painted storks and few other birds. But err I wasn't complaining - Imagine we were the only souls around - surrounded by pristine, literally untouched nature and a large waterbody to gaze n introspect on life!

But an hour or so later, a few forest officials came marching and chased us away - supposedly this spot requires forest permit for access! They even threatened to seize our cameras. :-P.

Though let me tell you the short time we spent there cleared away so many cobwebs from my mind :)

All I need is a book in Hand......


  1. Must visit some time. Though I do see a lot of birds on my morning walks around the Agara Lake

  2. Looking at that absolutely breath-taking picture, I think I need to plan a short break there soon too!

  3. How gorgeous is that! And what an ending! Can almost imagine the two of you, getting chased away by the forest officials:)

  4. Hey, that should be a fun place and we need to treat ourselves once a year:)

  5. wow! I should go there but hopefully with permissions. :)

  6. Am sure its a great place to clear away the cobwebs. Loved it :)

  7. I was in Bangalore for more than five years and never visited this place! The place is so awesome, really a book is all one would ask for !