Free Write - Amms in Bangalore!

"Free Write" was the  prompt for the week at WT.

What is a free write? It is essentially writing without conscious thought.
Most free writes go like this: You write down whatever comes into your mind for 15 straight minutes either as a word purge (no topic at all) or on a prompt. You could read more about it here

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Now writing without a prompt would have been disastrous for somebody as fickle-minded as me! So while I was clear I would be writing about my niece, I let the words flow. Here is the final draft with not much of editing. Tell me how you liked it!


 Last week was dedicated to my little niece who was here on a short vacation. Through her, I lived my dream of  a complete family - “Ma, Pa N the little One”! Just drove home the fact that am more than ready to start a family ~~ Hoping it’s a day soon!

Another facet that her visit reaffirmed is my love fo weaving stories and I couldn’t have asked for a better audience than the little one. We spent a day each at Thar Desert, Ooty and even experienced the bitter Chicago winters. We woke up to morn yoga on Goa beaches, had a nice continental breakfast, sunbathed with Mr & Mrs. Adam before flying down to London to meet the queen ;).  And when all this traveling was getting to us, we had a career makeover and became a fisherman and farmer in turns :-D. Her incessant question of “So where\What are we today” even when she wakes up in the middle of the night is all the ego boost I needed :-D.

A Day in Thar!

Today after she’s left, I miss the daily thirty mins late night session in the park – just her and me swinging gently, weaving these stories and getting lost in far far away lands … bliss!!

Now for all that she enjoys this story telling sessions, I wonder why she hasn’t yet taken to reading - this when her house is filled with Amar Chitra Kathas and many others. Is it cause nobody has taken the pain to read it to her? Maybe she should have started with something simpler – something she enjoys and then slowly upgraded the reading standards! Her frustration when I insisted that she reads “Charlie and Chocolate Factory was obvious – does she feel reading is a chore and so doesn’t really enjoy it?

Amms, I miss you darling… muah!


  1. I believe, reading is a habit which should be inculcated in a child from early years and it involves a lot of efforts initially like reading the stories to the child, then progressing to making the child read while you listen and then sitting with her while both of you read your own respective books... till the child enjoys the world of books on her own.
    I tried all this with my child and it DIDN'T help coz genes have a role to play too, I guess. While the mother is an avid reader, father reads like 1-2 books in a year!!

  2. Wow you just trotted the entire globe with your little niece ain't it ? Mmmm and agree with what Shilpa says about the young lady's reading habits :D

  3. I am presently in a phase when I have to cajole my little one to read daily since she thinks of it a chore. ... but I guess like all good habits one must keep insisting to the child to keep reading till they start enjoying it and it becomes a part of them keeping my fingers crossed

  4. You've certainly had a good time with your niece and that was a lovely pic of her. Reading indeed is a very good habbit and one starts enjoying it if practiced daily. Now I have reading sessions with my son too. Hope he too gets into the habbit of reading too.

  5. Oh, when children visit and leave there is such a vacuum! Perhaps Amms would like someone to read with her :)

  6. Such sweetness! Loved your post and the picture too. I do hope she takes to reading....let her see the connection between those fantastic tales you told her and the words in the books! ♥

  7. Well, Amms in Bangalore meant amms in some of our lives as well.. and the trios travels through stories, costumes and food in the background of the green and white walls.. well miss you Ammuse.. we'll meet soon .. sometime, and make the trio into a four person's trip to more places with more interesting stories, and photographs :) Hugs Mins

  8. Hugs Mins.. Big tight hugs!
    Such a sweet and lovely post!! ♥

    and yes, as Pins says - We also had Amms in our lives for those few days as well! :)