Food Stories ** Day 4 - Festival Of Words **

"Write Tribe" the amazing write club am a part of  is hosting its first festival of words from 1-7 Sep on the theme "Seven". You could get more details about it here....

Am choosing to write of the seven loves of my life.... 

If you been in this space for sometime you know that food is my one true love! But when somebody taking the effort to cook up a dish simply cause u like it - it speaks volumes of their love for you!  So every 3 months, Pheno's 87 year old Grandmother religiously sends across home made(by her!) "Idli Podi"(Locally called "Gun Powder" as it can be explosive to your taste buds :-D)  simply cause it's his favorite.

Off late, she's been bed ridden for few months due to a recent Gall bladder removal surgery that she had to undergo and is now barely on her foot! But when she heard that we have exhausted our stock of her "gun powder" absolutely nothing could deter her from dragging herself into the kitchen and hand roasting-pounding until her signature "podi" is ready exactly how her grandson loves it!! If this doesn't speak of her love for him I dono what does.....

Thou it ought to be a family "secret", I will be generous enough to share it with you ;)

  1. Boiled rice           1 cup
  2. Urad dal              A handful
  3. Chana dal            as above
  4. White til               one level table spoon
  5. Hing                    half tea spoon
  6. Whole pepper      1 teaspn
  7. Red dry chilly       12  ( more according to taste)
  8. Jeera  :                 half teaspoon
  9. Salt                      2  teaspn(  or accrdng to taste) 
Dry roast  items 1   to 6  except  hing  till  nicely  fried (Rice should  be  crisp). While frying red chilly use a little oil. Hing and salt can be added while grinding. You can also roast curry leaves and add to it. Allow it to cool. Grind coarsely. The powder should not be very fine. 


  1. Such a sweet grandmother ...grandson must be one happy cookie!

  2. There is some conspiracy on today. Everyone is intent on leading me into temptation :)

    1. Suresh, you are anyway master of the seven vices so why worry!

  3. Oh thanks for the recipe, Meena! Have had this at many places and I am hooked! Now I can ask mommy to make it at home! :-)

  4. Food pix again...I think I have tasted this powder before. it is awesome and doubles the flavor of food when sprinkled upon.

    thanks for sharing this recipe :)

  5. :)

    I love this one made by my grandmother only... and she too sends it for me!!

  6. Appologies i have no idea about this south Indian delicacy..How do you eat it??I mean do you make dosa or idlis out of it...:(

  7. Thanks much for divulging guarded family secrets to discerning readers like me. Ah, idly soaked in podi and gingelly oil is my all time favourite breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack/comfort-food but alas! I've run out of the podi which amma sent. At the right time, I see this recipe. Tomorrow I'm off to buy the ingredients and many thanks again.

    Joy always,

  8. Thanks for sharing the family secret and there is so much love on her part despite not being well. Enjoyed this sweet post for the festival. After all, without food thereis no festival:)

  9. Grandma's secret recipe! The main ingredient is grandma's love... :)nice post

  10. It looks delicous! Is it used as a spice or flavor enhancer or is meant to be eaten as is?

  11. That is so special, Meena! Such selfless love! And I am definitely going to give this recipe a try. Once I get hold of boiled rice. Do you think I could use something like Sona Masoori or something?

  12. I remember when my hostel-mates used to bring back gun-powder after their visits home. I'm now tempted to try making it myself! If it was a little earlier, I would have gone right away! :)

  13. Lovely. The dish looks good. Might try in once. I wish I had an adorable granny like that :)

  14. I hope you are coming out with a cookbook sometime soon. This sounds delicious!

  15. Imagine blogging getting secrets extracted! Family extracted! Now soon this is going to be my family secret :D :D


  16. Have heard so much about gun powder! But have never tried/tasted it.

  17. Wow, looking a yummy lunch..
    such a nice post. I also shall try to cooking this dish.
    thanks for sharing

  18. idly podi and make it regularly. Must try out grandma's recipe. Hope she gets well soon.

  19. This looks delish, although I am not familiar with many of your ingredients. May have to find a good Indian restaurant in Dallas!

  20. Oh this is one of my favourites too :) Grandma deserves a tight hug :) hope she gets well soon.

  21. I'm not familiar with this, but looking at the chilis, I'm thinking it must be nicely spicy! And I think that your grandmother has found her path to recovery - a loving reason to be up and on her feet. Some of us don't do well on enforced bedrest. Wishing her a speedy recovery!

  22. It is mom's special receipe. It can be had with idli, dosa, sprinkled on dosas while on the tawa (podi dosa as called in Tamil Nadu), It is good when mixed with gingelly oil and can also be mixed with ghee.
    It is a great combination with sizzling idlies.