Snack on a .......

A typical weekday after-work travel home involves me braving public transport half the way before being picked up my hubbs. There is a small cycle vendor around that corner who dishes up Bhel-puri, sev-puri n similar stuff - so the daily ritual involves that whoever among us reaches early, gets the snack-of-the-day packed n ready to eat :). My two fav snacks that this vendor rustles up with perfection are

*** Nippat Masala - 'Kaara Jaasthi' for hubbs N 'Swalpa Sweet' for yours truly!

*** Boti Masala

*** Nippattu Masala - You can read about Nippattu here
***  'Kaara Jaasthi'  - Extra spicy
***  'Swalpa Sweet'-  Little Sweet
*** Boti - Long yellow Fryums

Linking this to May Photo A Day Challenge for the prompt - 'snacks'!


  1. Bhel is absolutely mouth watering!
    Boti Masala... seeing for the first time... very innovative :D

  2. You guys sure eat healthy :P

  3. Arre waah! I was feeling a bit upset that everybody forgot bhel puri! Glad it's still appreciated! :P
    Boti masala is totally new, but sure must be absolutely delicious! I can imagine the taste from the picture!

  4. This looks so very yummy!!! Which city are you based in???

  5. Oh dear you are making me super hungry.