Save Begur Lake!

To be honest, I am not one of the v socially conscious types - so v rarely will u see me posting about social issues. Now approximately 1-2 kms away from my apt is this huge natural lake - Begur Lake. But with the surrounds being hardly developed, I would give it a cursory glance when we happen to take that road.

Before - Complete with Coracle; Image courtesy FB Begur lake page

Imagine my surprise when a couple of weeks back, we drive along the road only to see the lake completely parched n dried! Supposedly a Lotta unmindful draining of water by Private tankers resulted in this. The residents around the area have now waken up and are trying their best to restore it ~~ Only time will tell if we can undo the damage You can read more about it here.

(After)No more water for the Coracle to move on.. Pic courtesy Begur Lake FB Page!

This coupled with the dire water shortage I have been seeing around means that one thing I really have started caring about is "Water"! N errr cause I complicated the contest for myself  by promising to put only pics I clicked - here is a pic (for the sake of it)

Water water everywhere - But not a drop to drink!
Linking this to May Photo Challenge for the prompt "I care about this"


  1. Sad...but guess not many people really understand the gravity of the situation.

  2. Good thing to care about :-) And this is the second water-related post for today.

  3. Hello.
    Pretty incredible the before and after!

    Congratulations on completing the A-Z Challenge! Just stopping by to say hello from the 2013 Post A-Z Road Trip!
    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  4. Why is everybody posting about water today ????

  5. Although the first pic is the best, I will go ahead and say the last one is equally good. Yes, this is something we all should care about. Water is the basic ingredient of life.

  6. its really badly dried up :( I wish it gets restored. True message in the last
    water every where but no drop to drink !

  7. Conserving water is the need of the hour. Imagine a life without water... it is just not possible. Better late than never!

  8. Water is becoming a scarcity in literal terms! Saving water is indeed the need of the hour

  9. God! It is unbelievable! In 2 something years, a lake full of water can be reduced to this parched land! So shocking!

    How can people do this? And how do they suppose things are going to be when all the water gets used up.. The water situation is truly scary, Meena.. SO many of us seem to have written about water.

  10. This is the case of many lakes in and around cities.

  11. People are selfish, it never ceases to surprise me. Everything is a business.

    I wish this lake would go back to its glorious days.