Four things.....

Todays post - the last in "May Photo A Day contest" is courtesy the sooper talented(n DQ) Bhavya.Well this post n her blog should tell u why!

Th prompt for today's post is "Four Things" n this is what she put together in a jiffy!

My Identity Is One Amazing Thing Hooked Among Times...
"My Indentity Is One Amazing Thing Hooked Among Times...." - My identity(her id card),  One Amazing Thing(book), Hooked(the clip at the top), Times(watch)! Four v unrelated things put together to form a v powerful sentence!!

N with this I sign off the "May photo a day contest"!! Phew.....


  1. Nice Four :)

  2. Hahaha! Good one!

    And congrats on finishing this challenge successfully, Meena! It was fun riding along with you through your photo clicks :)