On Mothers Day......

sharing my MILs FB Status from a few days back..

My 87 year old mother had an endoscopy and a laproscopy done on alternate days for removing gall bladder stones and stones in her small intestine.Happy she is fine.
The first thing she asked me when she gained consciousness was whether I had had my lunch while she had not eaten or drank anything since tuesday night 11 o'clock and supposed to take liquid diet only at 7pm wednesday.

In hospital with her from 30th april, mayb till sunday 12th may.

This status - unwittingly thou - does capture the spirit of motherhood - of placing ones child's needs before self . Here is to most selfless love ever!

Here's a pic of Hubbs grandmom. She's back home today-  hale n hearty. Hubbs must have got his passion for cooking from her - at this age of 87 she still follows cookery shows, shoots letters to hosts of these shows  n even rustles up dishes shown on them!! Her mutton curry n chutney powder are stuff of lore... a trip to Chennai isn't complete till we lug back all sorts of assorted masalas homemade by her.Fingers crossed that she is soon to her usual self

Look at tht long mane even at 80+
Linking this to May Photo A Day Challenge for the prompt "Mother"

PS: Errr this pic was clicked by Hubbs ~~ hopefully the only exception to posting my pics thru this contest


  1. Glad that your hubbuy's grand mom is fit and fine and is back home today. To be active and alert and cooking the goodies at this age... awesome. :)

  2. Very happy to know that she is hale and hearty :)
    May God Bless her and bless all the mothers in the world.
    Happy Mother's Day to you tooooo... :D

  3. Great! Mothers are really special and grandmothers more so :)

    God Bless her!

  4. Never thought it was possible to click such a lovely picture in the Indian Rail dabbas! :P
    Hope granny's got lot more homemade spices stocked for your next visit to Chennai!

  5. Ah, such ladies are an inspiration. May she well well soon :)

  6. I wish she gets well soon :) good lck

  7. And she has a grace on her face which u just cannot miss!!! :)

  8. Hope she is fine now. Wonderful tribute.