Weekend Tales!

The weekend started on a not-so-high note what with staying cooped at home thru sat thnx to the Bangalore bandh and with no bright prospects  in TV or books (Bang the head!).

It was only at the fag end of the day, tht hubbs decided to shake off some lazines n done his cooking cap :). And see what came out of his cooking expeditions ....

His first attempt at dishing up a choc Mousse spiked with 'Amarula'! Tasted yumm.... Nee I don claim to be a unbiased wife :-P

The topping on the cake(or should I say mousse) is the prospect of laying hands on J.K.Rowlings Latest 'Casual Vacany' sometime this week and the promise of some tasty lunch courtesy sisters In-Laws! Haa the bliss of a hearty lunch on a Sunday afternoon esp when u don hv to life a finger to dish it :-P

Linking this to color deckors weekend wrap up - this site truly adds colors into life!


  1. Sounds lovely. So what are the plans for Sunday?

  2. That sounds like such a fun weekend! And that mousse - droool!

  3. Replies
    1. Come over whn u in blore.. I will get hubbs to dish it up for u.. sachi!

  4. Oh you make me drool always with these delicacies