Book Review - "Small Remedies" by Sashi Deshpande

This is the first time am picking up a book by Sashi Deshpande. She came recommended by another cousin whose taste is again a notch too high for me(or so I thot). So it was with some degree of skepticism that I picked this book up... Only once again to be proved wrong :-D

 The story is set in post-Independence era - may be sometime in 70s-80s. The two main characters in the story are - One, a well-to-do lady who shuns everything to embrace music but down the line feels a need to be disassociated with everything 'immorl' in her life and Two, a gentle yet strong who will embraces life giving three hoots to whether the society accepts it or not. The story is of their lives and of everybody else they touch. There are thus plenty of stories running in parallely but all v neatly tied up n interconnected to each other.

What I loved best is the finesse with which each character is developed - You will fall right deep into the story and almost re-live the story! Its a book that has a nice lullaby feel to it


  1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I have read her That Long Silence and though it has been a long time now I did enjoy it then.

  2. Seems interesting! Noting it down in my to-read list :)
    Thanks for the reco Meena :)

    1. Hope u enjoy it deeps. fingers crossed!

  3. Looks interesting! Will check it out sometime!