30 on 30!


This post was originally written on April 15, a good week before i was supposed to hit 30 n has been sitting in drafts since then. But huh a 6 months post is a good time as any to post it rt :)

Sigh! Am hitting 30 in less than a week(sob sob sob!) :(. Now I would hv hit this milestone happily only if I had become a mother by then :(. Yea I know age is no bar(K upto some point at least) when it comes to having a baby but well this is more of a personal goal that I would hv been happy to have a tick mark against! Now there is no point in crying over spilt milk. So here's a list of 30 things(in the order they pop up on my mind - that am Happy, unhappy, proud, not-so-proud,of in the 30 years(eeesh! Sounds like a LONG time) of my planet on planet earth

  1. I absolutely look up to ladies who hv gone places with their own steam n hv a strong persona! As year tickle by, the person who seems to be right there at the top seems to be my mom(I hv my mouth definitely wide open at this revelation... yea its been a revelation to even urs truly)
  2. Delirious that I was always a daddy's gal
  3. A great regret of life is that there are mistakes I hv done as far as he's concerned, tht I never got a chance to correct
  4. Happy that I hv a hubbs who will unflinchingly be a partner-in-crime
  5. I should learn a thing or two from my litt sis - from being happy with what she has(as long as she has her share of dresses that is :-P) N being generous(too much for her own good) n jus having a loving heart!
  6. Proud that I hv a in-laws I can be proud of!
  7. Not-so-proud of not having made them grandparents yet!
  8. Never eva knew that there was a feminist(too strong a word thou) hidden in me - its no more a surp to me that I go ballistic or at least put a token of protest the moment I see anybody being smartie pants!
  9. Glad that I discovered that the hobby I enjoy most is reading n devouring books! A good book can ensure tht u don hv a boring moment!
  10. Not-so-glad that music, dance, painting don't show up in ma hobbies list!
  11. Proud to have gone para sailing .
  12. Not-so-Proud that I cannot drive! Restricts my freedom-of-movement like nobodys business!
  13. One thing I wouldn't regret having a wee bit more in life is to rake in a litt bit more moolah!
  14. Not-so-proud tht I still hv trouble in keeping frnds! One would assume tht 30 odd years was good enuf time to correct this folly
  15. I definitely love good things in life ~~ but hubbs has taught me the art of looking at silver lining in even the not-so-goos-things!
  16. I should thank this certain friend - sabina (ha yes yes shes shown up here!) for inculcating some dress-sense into me!
  17. My biggest insecurities - of growing old alone, of aliments n financial insecurities!
  18. I am still a foodies foodie thou I realize my palette aint good enuf to distinguish not-so-good from good!
  19. Surprise! Who would hv thot tht theres this (thou tweenie-meanie it is) tiny bone in me that loves homely homes!
  20. I wish as a child I wasnt this sad-geeky creature n learnt to shake a leg!
  21. Love travelling - N I can truly get into the spirit of the place am travelling - from eating the local food to scourging the local market - yeaaa to me n hubbs for it!
  22. Not-So-Happy that I have not got to travel around the world with hubbs n hey a peter-pan time u grew up :-P
  23. Wish things came to me a litt easier - ho yes they do work out k at the end of the day but should I pin n crave for it everytime before the apple is dropped into my lap(now wht kind of a similey is tht huh)
  24. I betta learn to concentrate on the task-at-hand esp when its not I enjoy! Jus hoping that the hour will pass or tht it will get done magically jus doesn't work.. does it!
  25. When you do your homework pretty well, the worst-scenarios never even play out. But huh, dare to do a shabby job then Dilberts principle of "What can go wrong, will go wrong" plays out to perfection
  26. To always hv a belief to hold onto - U can cal it god or whatever!
  27. When u do something - from work to cooking to home - do it with a intention of doing a good job n not make it a race to finish!
  28. Speaking good English isnt really a trademark for well anything(should be commonsense rt - but man! I still hv hangups if the other person cant speak decent english! Phew!)
  29. Take each day as it comes! Give things a chance to fall in place, they usually do.
  30. Jus be happy :-)


  1. I am impressed that you have done para-sailing. My best wishes, may you have a smashing decade. And I am 10 years ahead of you. :D

    1. Hmmm.... they say tht age is in ur mind n its so true in ur case :-)

  2. There are so many things from your list which I can relate to...
    Music, dance, painting are not my hobbies too, I cant drive either, love homely homes, love travelling...
    Wonderful list... may all your dreams/aspirations come true soon!
    Cheers :)

    1. Thank god that we hv reading in our hobby list na.. it makes up for so many absent ones :)

  3. Aww moment :) Proud that I hv a in-laws I can be proud of! and not so proud, you and hubby can work on that ok?

    Para sailing same same :)

    He is a wise man that he has taught yo the art of looking at the silver lining for the not so good things.

    I am a foodie and I love traveling too :) and I feel I haven't got chance to see enough of world ..sob sob..

    Love your 30 on 30 :)

  4. Loved the first one the most, seeing women like that actually makes you proud, even if you don't know that person, isn't it?

    30,40, 50- mere numbers ;-)

    1. They are definetely a inspiration n makes u believe the world may not afterall cruble down :)