I wish someone told me...

.... that topping your class doesn't exactly qualify you for a free-ticket to a better job(read high-paying job!).

Should be common sense rt? Esp after being in the corporate scene for close to 7 years, one would have thot that this basic sense would hv creeped into this head of mine!

Am I glad I joined my current work place which is literally a ocean!! So U will hv a Diploma-pass rubbing shoulders with a IIM grad provide ofcourse he\she proves his\her mettle! This to a large enxtent has broken my bubble, but the damn creature of habit keeps raising its head once in a  while!!!

You think theres still some hope for me?

One lesson that I never miss passing onto the younger lot is to not to unduly really worry about their grades..... Nothing really depends on it!

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  1. Right, it's not all about marks and grades, it's about your overall mental make-up, attitude and how you take up the challenges that life throws your way and what you learn from them!

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    1. N yea u can be a real role mode there... kicking everything n giving it all back to society!

  3. Serendipity ... you will usually find what you seek maybe not by the route you expected?