Wood Fired Pizzas!

Wood Fired Pizza @ Bier Club, B'lore

One item that I see flying off the shelf at quite a few lounges is the "Wood fired Pizza". Yea, we hv had it too .... N if u ask me it definitely tastes betta than ur regular pizza.  Of course goes without saying that you pay a premium for it cause well they are "wood roasted"!

But come to think of it, isnt it how the food was always cooked at least until a few years back in villages across India! Heres a click, clicked at a roadside eatery somewhere on the Kerala-B'lore Highway... "Wood Fired Dosa" anybody :-D

Funny huh, that we end up paying "premium" for what was(is) still jus a regular way of life! Signs of changing times??

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  1. Old gives way to the new but what's new and whats old ? think abt it ;)

  2. I remember the huge dosas and flaky parotas made in the roadside in Madurai, wood fired! love ur pics!

  3. Sounds as though that would be delicious, made that way!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Oh I adore wood fired pizza! Looks so yummy.

  5. The old becomes new. You are right it does taste better.
    Joy - ABC Team

  6. Hello.
    So true what you said and I agree, this is still a way of life for many. Sure looks delicious though! Thanks for sharing.

    The Warm Fingers Of Love