Did you know that "Amazon"...

Literally means "(Women) Without Breast"! Yeap u read tht right.. N supposedly the reason behind is that cutting off the right breast (or left depending on if u r a right\left hander)  helps the woman position the "bow"(As in Bow and arrow) better which makes her a betta "Archer". Remember we talking of Amazon tribe here who are well known warriors!

Now before the feminist in yous starts crying "fowl", lemme add that there has been no indication that this practise was eva followed ~~ neither in any text nor in any paintings of that era! Must be a legend. There is also another theory that the word "Amazon" is in itself a play of words which must have been used to indicate a woman "(Not) without breast" ~~ in effect a large busted women(which is more in keeping with their large physical stature)

I came across the above snippet in the "Millennium" series by late Stieg Larsson . This was one book, I had heard rave reviews abt it. Refused to pick it up even when ma hubbs when gaga abt it.. for no particular reason I thot the plot revolved around vampires(you can roll your eyes). But when ma hubbs loaded all his fav books into Kindle(n none of my fav figured in there) this book seemed the safest best! Yes it does get a "Thumbs Up" from me ~~~ Each character has been beautifully sketched n the plot is gripping(at least for a fiction-only reader ala me)! Jus wish the author hadn't bid good bye to his worldly sojourn so soon!

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  1. Sounds like an interesting series but I still have many mountaineering books to finish :D