Unusual Friendships!

No, no don get the heading wrong!

Our typical weekend night(or even a odd weekday ala yest) would for sure include catching up with frnds over some pot-luck lunch\inner, downing a couple of drinks n loads of conversation with typically the same set of frnds! Now now the 'special' friendship that deserves a mention here is the one that ma hubb shares with his partner-in-crime on these nights ~~ They are more often than not seen exchanging cooking notes, rustling up some yum foods together, pouring each other endless glasses of the-drink-of-the-day and then either going all philosophical n quipping some lines from English literature!

A pic of the spkl-frnds from the archive!

Sounds fun for sure rt? Now lemme add in the twist here ~~ His 'Hang-out-Partner' is a 'Am ONLY 70 years young' young-at-heart gentleman. Jus to put things in perspective, this makes the gentleman a couple of years ne make it decades older than the hubbs.

What also deserves mention here, is the rigour with which this gentleman ensures that a portion anything 'special' thats cooked in his kitchen is kept apart for hubbs!  Jus so tht u drool a litt more - Pork n fish pickle are his speciality.... yummmmmmmm!

No you tell me, if this doesn't qualify for 'Unusual Friendships' than what does!

As the dear gentleman wishes to remain anonymous, all I wil say is he has made a entry int his space before ~~ hop in to this post. Yes yes, he is my frnd Sabs dad ~~ Like Father, Like daughter!

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  1. unusual but nice
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. All kind of friendships are good, if it's real friendship!
    ABC Team

  3. I read a quotation recently that came to mind as I read your post:

    "a real friendship out to introduce each person to unexpected weirdness in the other"

    I love unusual friendships, thanks for sharing! :)

  4. awww, sweet picture :) hope you can visit my ABC Wednesday here.