Lifes Surprises!

I had always thot that I inherited the love of reading from my dad, seeing him devour books as we grew up! Possibly am right, but things over last few weeks makes me wonder ~~ is it jus from my dad that I inherited this love for books???

Today my mom~~ who is ridden off quite a few of her responsibilities(read marrying off her daughters) in life has at-last some 'Me Time'. N surprise, surprise!! She seems to be devouring books(Thou they all are these spiritual books!) at a pace that surprises me. Her excitement when she lays her hands on the latest edition of her fav book is as palpable as a 7 year old when he gets hold of his fav comics book....

N not jus books, she is suddenly this kool-mom who seems to be enjoy looking up cook-books and now has her definite list of 'To-see' programs in TV. Now if you are somebody who knows my mom, you will know that she was somebody who believed in cooking-for-survival(at least once we grew up!) and who thot that TVs are meant for jobless people in the world!!!!!!!

Life can still surprise you huh!


  1. Good for her! Did you tak to her about it?

  2. Wowie! Thatz lovely!:)
    And sis got married? Whoa, I never knew!

  3. Have you thought of a possibility that your mom was sacrificing her TV time to ensure that her daughters do not get distracted or disturbed by her watching TV?

    Wouldn't it be possible that she was extremely tired after long commute in buses, very often standing, which made reading a luxury?