Wish You well...

Of course we do, always do!
Pic Courtesy - Google!
But that’s beyond the point. This post is abt the book "Wish You well" courtesy David Baldacii ~~ Yea the same old suspense thriller junkie. This book is unlike any of his other usual suspects ~~you see, I definitely enjoy these suspense thrillers but they just dont figure in my collectibles list.

It’s the story of two children ~~ a litt girl who hero-workships her writer-father and her warm but cowardly little brother ~~ who one fine day are packed off to live with their great grandmother in a remote mountainous area far far away from the civilization after they lose their father to a accident and mother is now in coma. There is no big plot in the book so to speak ~~ its beauty lies in its tantalizing description of the rigorous life in mountains (which u will strangely fall in love with!), of simple people who live their life to fullest, of the inherent beauty in the relationships that the litt girl in the book traverses thru(from making peace with her mother, to finding her best friends) ! Most importantly the book leaves you with a warmth that makes you want to embrace life all over again!

A definite collectible if you ask me!


  1. A mountain book? Those are the best.

  2. Am getting this. Sounds really sweet and touching.