Knock Knock, Who is there??

N look who is visiting!!!

A closeup of the lump u c at the top

Yeap Yeap the pic u c above is indeed a bee hive and its not a random pic taken in some green-nook of the city...This pic is clicked in my bedroom balcony!! The recent most visitors of our home!!!

Now now this giving u creeps?? Dont u blame yourself..... Even I initially freaked out but now they have become a part n parcel of my daily life :) N as long as you dont bother them they arent really interested in you.

So the next time u want unadulterated  honey u know whom to contact.


  1. Looks tempting .. ;) ..
    n my head is filled with ideas now .. :D...

  2. Uh aa .. part of ur family ..congrats on the new addition ;)

    Nw, some honey for me plssss :P

  3. ummmmmm..... it is quite a freaking sight... but some say its lucky... bringing in a lot of wealth and happiness....
    So lots to look up on this Year...
    And just honey will not do for a treat..!!!