How not to visit a historical place?

Been There Done that is the worst injustice that you can ever do while visiting a historical place. As you hop on n off forts, temples the essence n magic of place is lost on you n all you are left is feeling tired n sweating thnx to sweltering sun!!

Exactly the feeling am left with post the hop-on hop-off visit to Mysore!! Imagine landing at sangam when sun is at its peak, taking a quickie trip in a theppa before hopping onto the next place!! Now compare this to landing there somewhere in the evening, taking a leisurely stroll by the bank and then enjoying a ride in the cool serene waters!! Incomparable experiences hey............

So lesson learnt! The next time I make a visit to Mysore it’ll be at least for a weekend n then am gonna completely soak in the spirituality of Rangatha Swamy Temple, history of Tippu's land, a stroll at Sangam, spend a few hours in Mysore palace before winding it all up in the cool airs of Chamundi hills..................

But a happy discovery made in the trip is the audio kit introduced in Mysore palace! Its a small hand held device that will play pre-recorded sessions about the history of the section of the palace you are in. Avoids the hassle of understanding a kannadiga english speaking guide, paying exorbitant fees and then left wondering if the dose of history you just got is the original or a spiced-up version of the guide! N trust me the presentation and the knowledge given in kit leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction.....Of course this idea is a copy from some musuems abroad but a much needed addition in India!! Sadly this idea isn’t marketed as much as it should be.........

And incase you making a road trip from B'lore - Mysore drop in at Kamat Loka ruchi to taste some authentic south Indian food and pick up these cute Chennapatna toys

One of the Many temples that dot Mysore Town...N gopuram of each is equally intrinsic n decorative

An Idol craved on one of the gopurams

The 'theppas' at Sangam

A Shiva statue tight in middle of water

A Chennapatna toy tht dotes our bookcase

How about some Channapatna toys for your kitchen?

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  1. Aww this is the bestestest nostalgic post I hv read in recent times .. Mysore is my native and it hs been 2 yrs nw since I hv been there :( Missing the place soooo much nw :(

    I hv the same set of toys from Channapatna too :P :P