An evening to remember....

Ha am back……back after just a week, so let me cut the dramatics out!!! But but please please tell me that I was missed :-D. Well this time it was loads n piles of work at work that kept me away...yeah yeah after a point of time u just gotta work n its good for your morale n mind to wotk once in a while :-D

Last week also saw us being transported to a beautiful new world for a few hours...Hold on tight and enjoy as I try and recreate that magical world for you!!

Imagine a cool breezy evening far far away from city in midst of nowhere surrounded by sounds of nightlife...nah not some DJ belting away the latest in hit chart but the chirps of night animals n the gentle breeze of cold night air! N as u sit back on a comfy basic cushion-bolster seating sipping on hot coffee n munching on freshly roasted bhutta streams in the perfect musical notes of flute!!!

Ha am doing far-from-justice to the perfect ambience at the concert of Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia at Shankara Foundation! Now stop rolling ur yes n wondering what is me who sadly has no ear for music doing here!! Yeah yeah I still dont have the ear for music but am a sucker for such occasions n this is a wonderful opportunity to people-watch!! Also given that this was the professional concert that I was going to, was more than excited n ofcourse with a hubbs who is big-fan-of -all-music it was easy to pull it off!!

Well u need not trust my ear or taste of music......But the bug thumbs-up given by my hubbs n the expression on the audience faces tells it all! Especially the latter part is quite an amusing experience..... A far-from-sensibly dresssed Page-3 girls, a traditionalist south Indian family (Complete with grandparents n grandchild), the arty-type couples n more than a peppering of page-3 types!! Ha the way emotions play on peoples faces as they lose themselves in music is like a canvas of different colors! A middle aged lady with her son sleeping on her lap doing a head-banging ala teengaers enjoying rock music, an old lady whose expression on face as panditji played her fav raga matched the expression of people-in- trance, a couple tapping away unconsciously but in sync n ofcourse somebody sitting in a corner lapping all this away(me! me! me!)!!

Another thing tht I loved abt this show was the food(:-D) wasnt the meaningless fast n junk food but peanuts, roasted bhutta, aapams……… very correct for the occasion...Loved this small but important attention to details! N then the place... A secluded, airy, tastefully done place where am going back one day for sure! N the best of all should be the panditiji not just for his music but his sense of humour and a wowow music troupe...The jugalbandi between him and his tabla man was quite leg-tapping even for a duffer like me!!

The location

The stars

                                                  N the biggest star of all is at the left :)

Indeed an evening to remember....Thank You Radio One!! Yeah yeah we got the complimentary passes for this from Radio One...Maximum Music Maximum choice :)

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  1. Wowww! I am so so so J of u :(
    Lovely place, food and wonderful music to top it all and then u get complimentary passes too!!! Hmmpf!