An Engaging Affair -II

Its the time of the year!! The title should ideally read An Engaging Affair -III considering tht today(Jan 7) I complete 3 years of betrothal to the hubbs dearest :).

So whats up today?? Well first thing am gonna do is hit the bed(yeah yeah am sitting n blogging at 12:15 in the night) n tommo post a big day at office will catch up for dinner(of course)! Yeap yeap the place is selected as usual post due diligence (translating to first 30 mins of my time in office...Now now lets hope not all read this :-p )! So watch out this space for a yummy yummy review.

N wish us many many happy returns of the day!!

This day also sadly marks the anniversary of Satyam Fiasco.....Well am no more a Satyamite but am still proud that I was one!! N as Raju toils in the jail for all his (mis)deeds for me the picture that still comes in mind is one of a founder of a company which was my saviour in many ways n to which I still owe a huge part of what I am today!! Thank You Satyam.


  1. Woohoo! Happy Happy Engagement Anniversary to both of u :)

    Waiting for a yummy review .. let me shoo away those hu r nt supposed to read this space ;)

    Its so nice to c u hv that gratitude ... God bless u :)

  2. Wish you a very very happy anniversary.

  3. A very Happy Engagement Anniversary for both of you.