Kajra re Kajra re......

Ha this blog has nothing to do with any flimi songs!! It is rather a dedication to my fav kohl "Shahnaz Hussain Kajal"...rather deceptive title he!!

An Indian girl's tryst with kohl\Kajal begins almost as she is born......all kids(gender no bar) in their infant days have kajal smeared all over them....yeah not restricted to just eyes.....it spreads over to eyebrows, cheeks, chin, palms of hands n legs...ha ha almost no part is spared he!! Even I was no exception.....those who have been lucky enuf to c my childhood pics can vouch 4 it! A point to mention here is in good old days I am told that u don't pick up the kohl\kajal from a shelf in the next door shop but was supposedly home made!!

So back to me...from this cute 'Maamati kuttiyamma' (an Malayalam child actress whose dress n hair cut were the in-thing in early 80's .....couldnt get a pic of hers) look i go onto become this lanky, tall awkward looking child-teenager-young lady! The last thing that would be on my mind is dressing up...was more of those stupid nerd kinds!! Thankfully all changed when I landed up in a job....started getting more 'beauty conscious'!!But no luck with kaajal....In no time would it smudge all over my face giving me a ghastly look :( N how can your shringaar be complete minus the kaajal!. The condition worsens after marriage what with u being expected to be the pretty bride n to add to the horrors was my always perfectly turned up MIL (sob sob)!!

During this time I happen to be in London and my SIL introduces me to Shahnaz Hussain Kajal......For once here is a kaajal which doesnt smudge!! Guess its more to do with the packing.....its packed like your regular lipstick.....turn the tube and there pops out the kaajal making it v convenient to apply!! N now is the big hunt to find it....My SIL tells me that this pack is bought a year back n on her subsequent trips to India hadnt found a similar pack and even wondered why they stopped producing it......at that moment my heart shattered! I had even devised plans to planned to steal it (of course my SIL did offer it to me but me being my humble self had refused it :( )!!
N then after few months back am in Shahnaz Hussain beauty parlour (in Raheja Arcade, B'lore) n guess what I c peeping out of their shelves!! Yeah gal (am sure no boys will ever read this) u got it...it was Shahnaz Hussain Kajal!!!! I triple checked with the sales girl there n she was lamost at her wits end!! I did everything short of Tappan Kutti (Teen Maar) and since then Shahnaz Hussain Kajal has been a regular in my daily routine!!!!
So the next time you waana do a a "Kajra Re Kajra Re" (Kohl-Lined Eyes) use Shahnaz Hussain Kajal !!!


  1. Does Sehnaaz use her own products? :-)

  2. It initially felt as though that ladies all over Bangalore were struggling with KAJAL and YOU discovered the much awaited thing... :)

    use kajal, go good looking...