Book Review: Hover Car Racer

As mentioned in my previous blog my current fav writer is the handsome Matthew Reiiley ......Notice the two 'T''s in 'Matthew' in contrast with the more common 'mathew'.....something to do with getting lucky with numerology he?? Ha keeping my stupid observations aside the latest of his books that I finished reading ....yeah, finished it a min back sitting in the comfort of my desk @ office....come on yaar, sab kooch chaltha he...afterall its a Friday....TGIF!!!!!

The reason for writing this blog - apart from the fact that am jobless- is the story line of the book! All the books of Matthew Railley are all in some way or the other linked to archeology and each a thriller and a must read.But "Hover Car Racer" is pleasantly different......A completely new story line on 'Racing with Hover Cars'....whoa that's a big shift from Archeology to Car Racing and once again full credit to Matheew's Railley...... Homework perfectly done and a seamless story line!!! Read more about Hover Cars at
Back to the book, it revolves around this young boy in a small desert in Australia who dreams to make it big in the world of Hover Car racing! As in his other books, the hero here is a genuinely nice person with no malice n how despite all kinds of pitfalls he makes it! The story is set in future - but the only futuristic thing about it is the technology. The liberal references and the perfect amalgam of all sports is so perfect that even somebody like me -who is completely ignorant of Car Racing -enjoyed the book thoroughly! Trust me there are a few literal 'Nail Biting' episodes here....... Another must read from Mathew Railley! The boojk makes u believe once again in the old saying "World does conspire to give u wht u desire"!
A few interesting anecdotes here.......
  1. Seen the bollywood movie 'Ta ra rum pum' where Saif Ali khan is a car racer (ala our hero in 'Hover Car Racer') and a super duper one at that...well can our bollywood heros be anything but that? Everything goes fine till he meets with a nasty accident (a setup by his competitor) and then his confidence, finance, family everything hits a all time low till in again a typical bollywood isshtyle he regains his past glory!! As you may have already guessed there is a similar episode in this book too but minus all Indian senti values ! Ofcourse am not trying to suggest any pirated lifts here......cause if u try putting together the books\movies from where our bollywood directors take their 'inspirations' ,the list will be endless!!!
  2. The other interesting similarity I figured out is the subtle similarity between 'Hover Car Racer' and 'Harry Potter'! Doesnt the team of Jason, Bug and Sally (the characters of our book) remind you of Harry Potter, Ron and Hermonie!!! Well must be again my imagination working over time.........
So now its time for me to ctrl + alt +del (for all non techies there - it means locking the comp) and say "ta-ta"," bye-bye", "Happy Weekend". BTW this weekend- what with this cold, gloomy weather-seems a perfect time to curl up with a book and for those of you who havent read Matthew Reiiley I would for sure suggest a dose of it!


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