Book review: Anything for you ma'm

"Anything for yoy ma'm"...Happened to pick up this book from my colleague! Hadnt heard any review about this book till then (N considering tht even my hubbs hadnt hear of it -u c he is one hell of a reader- the expectation from the book was not really high! N well the book lived upto its expectation!!
The revolves around the love story of a IITian.... the obstacles faced by the hero to meet his girl is the theme of the story! The fiascos with proffesors as few small things shoot up to become big obstacle (ala "Five point someone" by Chetan Bhagat), the ever helping 'jugaad' friends, the sweet-n-sour indian family are the ingredients of the story......

As you read the book, you feel the strong influence of Chean bhagat in the author's writing style! But the area where the book fails is the 'utterly butterly' descriptions (which almost puts u to sleep)....a more crispy approach would have made the book palatable ! The best part in the book was the fast paced , feel good climax....

But all said n done the book is not a v bad concotion considering that this is the first work from a college going IITian (Tarun Raheja)!!

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    Dont miss reading the Shopaholic series...they are really funny!