Jab we met..Part 1

At the outset lemme clarify that this is nothing to do with the bollywood movie starring Kareena N shahid Kapoor Of course except the title.......Any resemblance found is purely co-incidental! This story is about the cutest couple in the world n how they met........

There lives a small happy family of father, mother with their two darling daughters. The story starts as their girl gets of the eligible age (read as marriageable age) and the parents start a groom hunting process n the girl being a dutiful daughter agrees to marry any boy selected by her parents....Ho yes! Girls like that still exist!!

N suddenly there is a drastic shift in the family activities..... The books subscribed are invariably the ones with (only) matrimonial ads, the websites browsed are only 'keralamatrimony.com', The first sheet to be read in the newspaper is 'Matrimonial Classifieds', the phone book is filled with contact details of eligible grooms\parents, the conversations with relatives\ friends always end up with this topic! This goes on for a year with no luck and then a astrologer is promptly consulted who after having a look at the girl's horoscope exclaims "Dosha Jaadagam' (I.e a horoscope with liberal spread of doshas) and draws out a big list of poojas to be performed!! So the girl is packed off to do all these parishkaarams (poojas to nullify your doshaas). The parents now go a step ahead and place a ad in paper advertising abt their daughter and inviting genuine proposals (Like she is a commodity!!)

Ha in all this drama don't forget the heroine of the story...yeah yeah the girl to be married thou she hardly seem to have any role here! Now now don't u for a minute jump to any conclusion that she is an old maiden whose sole purpose in life is get married, have kids n blah blah blah! Our heroine happens to be a smart, chirpy, beautiful confident software engineer!(Ho yeah, the story is very much set in 21st century thou few of u not accustomed to Indian traditions will find it a bit difficult to digest) . A imp point to be added here is that the girl does make a few valiant attempts to marry a person of her choice (ala love marriage) but well after a few utter flops the girl coyly agrees and leaves the choice to her parents!

Now back to matrimonial hunt, from the N no of proposals received (after all she is an 'eligible spinster') the parents do the first round of filtering followed by yet another round by astrologer and at last a lucky few are shortlisted! So one fine day one of the shortlisted canditates arrive for the traditional 'girl seeing' ceremony .....

To be continued here

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