Of Dreams N Destiny.......

I have tried reading Paulo Coelhos "Alchemist" a good decade back n was left wondering what the hullabaloo was abt! Cause it was way too ahead for the late-teen brains of mine to assimilate! This meant that every time I saw this book being raved on, I would jus shake my head n rue abt my "stuck-at-teens" reading genre!

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Fast fwd to 2 weeks ago ... I picked this book again on a whim. Am I glad I read it - the positivity n hope this book filled me with was amazing :). Maybe there's a time when each book finds u n for a reason!

The interesting theme that this book dwells on is - your destiny vs  what-u-end-up-doing gave me much to mull on! The crux of it is as simple as - My destiny may be to become a teacher(Maybe!) but I end up being a IT professional cause the latter is more practical, more lucrative! Errr the practical me can see still the logic behind becoming a techie(read easy-to-find jobs n a good pay package as against a teaching job). But the 'dreamer'   in me(which is usually fast asleep!)makes me wonder what unheeded pleasures did I miss out in the bargain.... Happiness associated with 'fulfillment' seems to top the list!

I can easily pin-point the destiny of the 'Dreamers' in my life - Hubbs(should be 'Cooking') n sabs(should be 'Teaching with some NGO work thrown in') but for life of me cant pin-point what my destiny should be! Did I forget how to listen to my heart :-/. Will time teach the 'practical-me' to take a break??

But my biggest take-away from this book is this often heard but long forgotten proverb - "When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”


  1. Meena let me warn you grading copies is no fun. And though dealing with 18 year old students can be fun, would you like to deal with them all your life? Now you cannot say no one told me :D

  2. :) That take-away is so very important.