A sat afternoon at home.......

I remember mentioning in a post, that it was only v recently that I knew my mother was a v avid reader. Yea the hours she consumed daily reading newspapers and Malayalam magazines should have given me a hint!  I guess moving to hyd a few decades ago where Malayalam novels arent easy to find made her quit the habit and never look back at it.

It so transpired, that the other day I was at a book store close to office accompanied by Sabs. This bookstore("DC Books" if u want to know) stocks a enviable collection of Malayalam books too. So on a whim, I decided to pick a new novels for mum. With sabs in tow, I was rest assured to make the correct choices! The books we ended up picking(v skeptically I should add - cause I hv no clue what genre my mom Will love) were these:

From L-R Book 1 is a take on Mahabharata from Karna's view(v similar to "palace of Illusions" am guessing), Book 2 - the acclaimed "My Story" by Kamala Das (simply cause her ancestral home was literally a stones throw away from my mothers place n so there was a general associated curiosity), Book3- translation of "Unaccustomed Earth"!

As expected, she pooh-poohed it declaring that she should be reading "Spiritual books" now n not some jumbo-mumbo fiction! But dint I know her betta...... The v next day as soon as all of us stepped out of the house she curled up with her copy of "My Story" and dint budge until she read the last page (:-P)!

Err the only side-effect of it was that we had to take along some take-away for her lunch as was too engrossed in the book to bother to cook(!!!)