Books, Books N More Books!

Less than 72 hrs in 2013 n look at my book haul for the year .... each of them a personal fav, been on my reading list for ages n the best part - getting my hands on this booty was a unexpected surprise :-D

The first n last in the stack is what I hv been itching to get my hands on the most! 

The last 4 in the stack is courtesy my darling sis from her office library. The next one is a gift from Sabs ~~ who is on a mission to get me acquainted with India writer(Am I loving it or what ~~ I guess the reading list can speak for itself). 

The first one "Ancient Promises" ~~ this books has been eluding me for soo long now. On 1st Jan after meeting a friend - happened to hop onto a second hand book store on a whim n guess what I returned back with :-D. Now this I say is the perfect start to 2013.


  1. I so wanna read more of Jaishree Mishra. My hands are itching to pick some now :P

    1. Maybe I will give it ot u if u meet me :-)

  2. That's quite a bunch! Happy reading! :)