Engaging Affairs....

... are no more engaging! So much so that it was almost when I entered office that I remembered its the D-Day! You can hop onto the link here to know what all the hulla-bulloo is abt or well I can jus tell u tht it was this day a good 6 years back tht we got engaged :-D

Sigh! Now I hv definitely grown up n hv more pressing things crowding my mind. How I miss those carefree days of yore(Ho! How stupid n immature we were then!)

In other news, I finished devouring the much awaited book on my reading list - "Ancient Promises" by Jaisree Misra. A semi-autobiographical take on authors own life, the book lived up to its promise. Her best till date I should add. Definitely a good read. May I should do at least this 2 line kinda book reviews in this space for sake of keeping the record!


  1. Happy Engagement day :P
    And pls do the review! And I so want to go order this book like NOW :D

  2. Time ... it changes so many things :D

  3. happy engagement day! Hope you had a good time revisiting the memories too!