Marital Torture!

Does threatening me with "Will u come over by yourself or do you want me to push you up there" count as Marital torture? N well well it doesn't stop at threatening me - V ably aided by my mom(yea thts right) am literally pushed n prodded (n almost dragged) until I complied :-/.

I know I know even the most educated of the men can stoop down to those levels! N how am I? Ha thanks for asking ~~ Well apart from the physcological breakdown am holding up jus fine!

Hmm if u wondering what made my usually v patient hubbs to lose his kool ~~ All I hv as a ans is "Weighty Issues". U C I hv been refusing to step onto the weighing machine(I tell ya ~~ there is no bigger bane than having a weighing machine in ur bedroom) fot the past few months for v obvious reasons(the culprit for it thou has to be my moms cooking). N this ensued the above-mentioned drama! And ofcourse one glance at the weight is the reason for the "mental trauma" today (All attempts to blame it on a faulty machine fell flat on ma face)!
Now u cant blame me for downing a couple of sweets n chocs jus to get over this mental trauma ... can u?


  1. stop throwing ur "weight" around...


  2. No I don't blame you for eating chocolates but then go out and exercise :D