@Kulgi Nature Camp

Imagine staying in a wooden cottage tucked in the forest outskirts relishing food of your choice as you listen to the forest chirping (a far far cry from the honks of city) all this without burning a hole in your pocket... Then don think twice, jus go onto Kulgi Nature camp, Dandeli!

Now lets get a few facts right... This is not one of your regular jungle lodges, there are no usual 'Jungle trappings' here (n well u pay less than half the jungle lodge rates), No booze 'officially' allowed......

To book accommodation here thou is wee bit of pain at the wrong place.. U need to go to Dandeli city-center, reach one of the forest dept offices and pay them via cash\DD... So well u better reach during their 'Working Hours'!

N yeap it’s no exaggeration when I said 'Food of your choice'... Cause u allowed to carry any non-veg of your choice and the cooks there will cook it for you... Give them a free-hand in cooking n you will get truly the best ever finger-licking good local food!

The cottages are GREAT (Expensive than the tent but worth it... Ofcourse I havent stayed in those tents, so maybe am jus biased!) and the staff more than helpful!

So if u wana come back n relax at Dandeli after a morning of trek n river-raft then this definitely a good bet!
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PS: This is something I had posted over at Tripadvisor a few months ago, but something I never got around to posting here. BTW Tripadvsior has been my fool-proof hol guide until date!


  1. Had a wild time no doubt

    PhenoMenon, ABCW Team

  2. Sounds like my kind of a place!

  3. Wow, sounds rustic!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Definitely a 'nature lovers paradise' ~thanks, namaste, ^_^ linked w/ Outdoor Wednesday

  5. Missed a chance to go to Kulgi once. Now I regret it after seeing your post :(

  6. Wow! Am already planning the next trip now ;)

  7. Do u have the phone no of Kulgi Nature Camp..........where's the office where can I book ! Let me know.....!

  8. Can i get contact number for above ...do you know pricing of cottages and tents ?