No Shave ~~ No Lipstick!

I dono if you seen this ad by Gillete - "No Shave, No Lipstick" ~~ But this rt there in the front page did grab my attention.

"Err" I went! Forget about hubbs shaving, Me using lipstick is like once-in-a-blue-Moon phenomenon! Yea, on a good day I try n dab some lip balm on(if its somewhere handy!) but lipstick! N God-Save-me  but the thot that stuck me is ~~ given this wide spread participation by women  does my not dabbing in lipstick translate to poor grooming! Ha good sense prevailed soon thou.....

Now as for shaving ~~ Yea I think my man looks office (wise) handsome when he is clean shaven but yea nothing like a day old(only!) stubble against ma body to make me go purrrrrr :-p.

So Mr. Gillete, did you take a leaf out of our bollywood heroes who seem to believe that negative publicity is the sure shot route to fame!

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  1. I am the worst groomed, I don't even have a lipstick!