Ages I hv managed to take a peep into ma blog and so Ayobowan it indeed is for me and for any lone reader left! So what kept me away? Well at times you get so lost with soaking in simple  moments of life(viz. spending time with mom n sis) that blogging is the last thing in your mind... Indeed this statement surprises me as much as not missing the blogging!

So in an attempt to keep the blog alive, am leaving u with a recipe of a dish thats been figuring right at the top of ma hubbs fav list the past week ~~ If u know ma hubbs remotely n so are now pukka tht its gona be a non veg dish or possibly a cocktail then well well heres a shocker for u! This is a coconut based dish... Yea u heard it rt! N for those of u who dono him ~~ The pseudo mallu he is, coconut n him are like poles apart ~~ He runs off at the v whiff of coconut oil `` So he taking to this like fish to water is a shocker! Now with no more diversions, heres the recipe:

Mix together grated coconut, finely chopped onions, red chilly powder, lime juice, salt and there u hv the pol sambal ready! Trust me its yummmmm ..... Gos perfectly with rice, sevai n such!!!!

Pic Courtesy: Google!

Now go ahead google up the words "Ayubowan", "Pol Smbal" and u possibly know where I was headed to the last week!


  1. I'm certainly going to try this one. Seems so easy a recipe to try. If your pseudo mallu hubby loves it then I have a feeling that my fellow pseudo mallu hubby may take to it well too :). Let me give it a shot! Thanks for this.

  2. Ohh sounds simple and nice :)
    And welcome bk!:D

  3. Sounds delicious...and simple. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This looks so good :) I tried onion symbol few days back inspired from a book :)

  5. You were in Sri Lanka.. wow!! Awesome!! Did you have a lovely time... Its been long.. long.. Nice to have you back.. :-)