Stories From SL - IV

 Imagine walking for a early morning stroll and witnessing this sunrise n having the beach almost to urself(barring a few fishermen n a odd tourist)! This is the best thing I liked abt Trincmalee in Srilanka - Beautiful, untouched beaches with no usual tourist trappings!

You hv a hotel ~~ Almost basic, nothing v fancy but bang on the beach! Hop on here to read more abt Coral Bay ~~ the Hotel where we stayed.....

N when at Trinco, do drop in at Pigeon Island ~~ A haven for snorkeling with crystal clear - almost see thru water! The approach to the island is adventure enuf(at least for the faint hearted like me) ~~ You are cruising thru the ocean with jus the diver for company n no sign of land n man for miles together! Hats off to the Navy for maintaining this place spic n span despite the crowd coming in everyday........


  1. Love the red in the second picture...

  2. A golden sunset ...... I like that.

  3. I sooo wanna go snorkeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!