Back from SriLanka!

A trip tht was on our minds for few years... something tht neva worked out for myriad reasons ~~ passports, finance u name it! So this time with no prior planning, we leapt into it head first and guess what the hol jus materialized!

The first thing tht comes into ma mind after spending a week in SL? Not the places, not the food, not the hotels its the people ~~ warm, friendly people across the length &  breadth of the country! From the waiters to the hotel staff to the pavement vendors everybody is more than happy to go outta their way to make u comfy in their country! Evn the street vendor is happy to let u sample his fares before u zero on what suits ur taste buds!

Speaking of people, the western influence here is profound from their names to their dressing! But well its a diff story when it comes to speaking English, they are still true to their mother tongue! Something we could learn from!

The touch of Buddhism is what adds tht other distinctive touch  to the country! Possibly its the novelty of a new religion but for me I equate the pristine white Buddhist temples with "calm n peace"!

Hang on here to read on abt the masks, dances, temples of Srilanka!


  1. good to see you back in action, now when can we see the rest of the pics?

  2. Wowww! U hd been to Lanka? Awesome :)
    Waiting for more tales :)