'Jab We Met' - 3 Year and running

Trying to make sense out of the title?? Strain no more...hop here to know what am referring to!

Ho yeah its the time of the year...3 years as on tommo since we first met :).

So wht plans for tommo?? well the not-so-romantic hubbs of mine has shot down the gifting idea with a very unromantic "Lets stop this gifting mumbo-jumbo"..grrrrr!! But do I accept defeat so soon?? No way!! I hv v slyly convinced to buy me goggles today (so tht will be my gift of the day) n as for his gift.....well am clueless :-p. Thankfully he is game for eating ouut anyday..so that takes care of the dinner plan(romantic???)!!

So please join in wishingus many such years of happy-togetherness(hopefully peppered with more gifts, dinners n vacations)!!


  1. Congrats to both of you :)
    A very very happy anniversary and may this Jab We Met series go on for yrs to come :)

    Cheers to all the happy times ahead :)

  2. hi meena..... wish u and ur hubby a very very very........ happy marriage anniversary :D :D :D

  3. hey Meena....jst went thrgh ur space..gr88 jobbb :)nways WISHING U & PRAVEEN A VERY VERY HAPPY ANNIVERSARY & MANY MORE TO CUM...u guys keep running..:))

  4. hey meen mull.... :P FOA congrats to both of u.... by the way y do u want goggles.... without them itself u fall into pits and ditches.... with them on u will for sure look like an andhi and will never see one small pit which is right in fornt of you..

    **FYI LEOs are more romantic compared to TAUREANs..... lol.... Enjoy your day lady..... see ya tomo....

  5. I know the day Jab you 2 met..

    It was a couple of days after u and I had an awesome fight when u kicked me and then out of my reaction a chewing gum landed on ur head.
    To confirm my deliberate action i pressed it hard in ur head so it fuses into ur locks..

    Since the gum was more stubborn than ur hair u had to cut through it and what was left were spikes of hair going through ur head.. :D

    For the public who thought i was mean, you all should check out the scars that i still have..

    BTW for those who don't know me and reading this blog, Meena was my mentor, for my first job, first project, first assignment was to work under her guidance and rest is all history..

  6. Thank You Swaram......Indded its nice to get wishes from my blogger frienmds...it indeed feels special :)

  7. N U Anjie gal...lets complete this conv in office

  8. N U Mr. Div...Thank U for reminding me of those fooling around days..... n ho yeah i remeber sheepishly explaining Pravin why tht stock of haitr was standing up vertically right at the center ,....grrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  9. "Those days .. " !!!!????

    You mean u never repeated those acts ever again .. ??

    I should have sold tickets .. :P