A Sen'TEA'mental Evening....

What better way to mark 'Jab-we-met' anniv but do things that we love the most - Hanging out n having yum yum food!! N tht is exactly what we did...

Started off with catching the evening show of 2012. The movie is based on mayan calendar which predicts that the world will come to an end on ...an horryfying aspect indeed! A graphically brilliant movie with again right dose of sentiments involved!Make sure you catch this movie on the big screen.

But whats a celebration without yummy food! SO headed straight to Infinitea - a tea bar, a place we have heard quite a bit bit never got around to try! Hmmm the decor was a bit let down...was expecting to find a more chic n happening place...happening it is but wouldnt really call it chic! But man, they know their stuff....mind boggling variety of Tea ~~ the usual suspects Assam, Darjeeling, Niligri, Earl Grey, Green, Black are ofcourse there peppered with a few others tht I havent heard of yet ~~ Oolong,Engime, Euphoria, silver blossoms N each of this comes with their own brewing time.....See the sand timer in the pic?? Wondering if its a piece of the decorum there! Well I wouldnt blame you cause I thot the same.... turned out that its a stop-clock so that you get the brewing time right! N different sand timer for different varieties ~~ 4 mins for 'Orient Pearl' Tea, 5 mins for 'DJ Gold Oolong' Tea(These are the ones which we sampled)!

N if u are wondering if all that we had for our 'Romantic dinner' were 'infini'teas ...well well these people dish out some really yum items too! The one we sampled were 'parmisan fritters', 'Mousha la limosi'(Fish in the Italian style)......N a'fishy' person that I am, I rate this dish a full 9out of 10!!

So the next time u in a mood for some 'TEA' u know where to head to!! N when you are there check out their walls peppered with some neat pics!

All in all indeed a Sen'TEA'mental Evening to remember :)


  1. Wow! Superb celebrations there!
    The place sounds interesting ;) Gotta go there next time.
    Sand timer looks nice eh!

  2. there sure was plen(tea) of variety in there!!! :-)