The Green Fingers!

Every once in a while, I rue my lack of green fingers! No plant (not even a money-plant) has survived under my TLC! But I have a trooper of a friend who despite the bout of failures gifted me a Tulsi sapling nurtured by her mom.

Maybe cause of aunty’s green fingers, this sapling soon grew tall, bushy – though the lack of new flower buds even after weeks disheartened me!

So imagine my surprise, when today I was unexpectedly greeted with the sight of my Tulsi brimming with flower buds :-D. A small achievement but something am definitely delighted about!

This post is in response to the 100 word prompt "Every Once In A While" on WT.... A "Shady" post for my fav "shady" gal who contributed this prompt ;)

My savior in her small balcony that she has converted into a mini forest now :)


  1. Awwwwie :) I am also same. My husband tells me I have committed a genocide on many plants. But mumma was a fab gardener and so daughter inside wants to be one too :"( and meena *poochie* for the shady mention <3

  2. Hey! I am like that too!! Perfectly nice blooming plants wither and die under my TLC!! :|
    Glad your Tulsi is blossoming so well! :)

  3. I am also in your gang ladies. But like Richa's mom mine also is fab with plants. Maybe one day I'll also get better.

  4. Aha! Brilliant!! A true achievement Meens!! :D
    I have managed to successfully kill weeds as well! So, my green thumb doesn't exist at all!! :P

  5. Wow! I know what you mean... Some times they just don't thrive or survive.. But ehat did was a Tulasi plant which is sacred. So sign of all good to come.. right? May it thrive and continue to grow... Nischala