Be Safe!

Come October and am all set making plans for our annual vacations - I at times feel "planning of Holiday" is as much fun(if not more) as the actual holiday!

The other day, as we sat in the office cafeteria discussing our holiday plans, a friend was v excited about her upcoming solo trip - a 15 day long backpacking trip across Kerala. She was doing the usual touristy places of Kovalam, Munnar, Wayanad but also wanted to do a few off beat places too. Though it being a solo trip and  first time she was in Kerala, she wanted a few safety tips. These were the ones I could think top of my head then! Please feel free to add any:

  1. Skimpy dressing (shorts, skirts below knee) is a big No especially outside the touristy centers. A swim suit maybe ok in a Kovalam beach frequented by foreigners but will be a strict no at other beaches!
  2. Be wary of the "Lodges" that pepper the tourist centers. Though economical and centrally located, do a thorough research before zeroing down on any
  3. Make sure you inform your family or friends about your daily itinerary including the hotel you are staying at! This way they will be able to swing into action if they do not hear from you at regular intervals.
  4. Especially in Kerala - except the v touristy centers - the entire state goes off to sleep as early as 10 PM. So in case you intend to return late, ensure you have made proper travel
  5. While traveling solo, use public transport - they may not be half as comfortable as a cab but you are definitely more safe!
  6. Use a GPS or have a rough idea of the route especially when using cab services. This way, you know of any deviation en-route. Do not hitch rides to save a few pennies!
  7. Be cautious in dealing with opposite sex - drivers, lodge owner etc. Do not be over friendly - be safe than sorry.
  8. Install a safety app like "Smart Suraksha" on your phone - at the press of a button, it will alert your family and friends if you are in danger.
  9. Keep a few emergency phone nos including that of local authorities in your speed dial.
  10.  Always remember the basics of personal deference - carry a pepper spray, minimal jewellery, sufficient cash, not wandering away in nights and be safe! Keep your wits - trust your intuition!Be Safe....
I am sharing my Smart Suraksha Tips at in association with Smart Suraksha App.


  1. Nice one Meens!
    The tips are really useful.

  2. I must try out this app soon. Regarding the points you mentioned, being a malayalee, I totally agree with you. :D

  3. You are scaring me madame, I might make a trip to Kerala sometime and then all this exists!!


  4. Nice pointers, Meena! I remember my earlier trips to Cochin... it was so surprising to see a city which gave a deserted look at 9 pm!!