Book Review - Diffcult Daughters(Manju Kapur)

The book "Difficult Daughters" by Manju Kapur revolves around a large family  living near India - Pakistan border. Its set around the partition period. Protagonist of the book - eldest daughter of the
family -  decides not to take the trodden path of early marriage and motherhood.

She has fallen in love with a married professor and in a bid to stall marriage, embraces education.But no where in the book does her passion for studying or later teaching comes thru - her life seemed to revolve around the adulterous affair with a spineless teacher! Even later, when he takes her in as his second wife, the story focuses on how his  first wife and MIL makes her life miserable!

My grouse with the book boiled down to this - the author is painted a not-so-rosy future for a girl who decides to follow her heart as compared to other sisters who take the trodden oath of arranged marriage and seemed to lead a happy life! Errr is this really what we want to tell our women? Or did I somehow miss any subtleties in this story...

Having said all this, I will credit the author for how well she bought out the pains of  partition - even without going into too many gory details she bought the horror it played in daily lives!

My overall Rating - 3/5!


  1. I've read only one book of Manju Kapur's and I must say I laboured through it. Seems like this one too isn't worth the effort. ;)

  2. I remember liking the book...Verrmati na?

  3. Glad to have read your review. I don't think I would be in any hurry to pick this up!

  4. Now this sounds quite cool. Will watch for it in the bookstores.

  5. Good review and a great service you offer so your readers can know whether they would be in taking the time to read a book or not. ♥