An attempt at Haiku....

Oh! The Dancers Eyes
Soulful, Emotions Umpteen
Reflects life's seasons..

This is in response to the weekly prompt at Write tribe of "Haiku" - My first reaction was to give this a skip! Of course having a in house haiku expert only made matters worst - he compiles a haiku on my attempts at creating one!

Girl trying haiku
Without any thought in mind
Oh the poor female

This pic was clicked at Nrityagram - this place should figure in your itinerary if you are a connoisseur of Indian dance!


  1. Difficult to say which one I liked more! :D

  2. Hehe good ones! Ofcos both of them :P

  3. Tee hee!! :D
    1. You finally came up with one :P
    2. The haiku about you is awesome :D
    3. Those eyes... I love them... Eyes can tell soooo much more than what we actually are speaking na :) :)

  4. Loved both of them. Will you kick me if I say I like the second one more :)

  5. Good one for the photo


  6. Good one, Meena and of course your better half is best at it! :D

  7. The dancer's eyes are so bful and Haiku is bful too ! keep them coming

  8. The second haiku is better :D :D the imagery depicted in that is something we can relate to meena :-)


  9. You should have written a Haiku on food no..! dear foodie darling.. ;) I am all over both of them, I admire people who can haiku when I am trying desperately to give it a miss or a diss.. !!

  10. nice one!
    I loved the first one.. its beautiful
    and the second one is me! :(

  11. Haha! Wonderful haiku, both! Indeed, the dancers' eyes and emotions are stellar!
    And yes, some prompts can be challenging and our first reaction would be an apprehensive one, doubting our own abilities. You did a brilliant job! I'd like you to read this: Eggshells, I remembered this when I read about your first reaction to the prompt. Keep writing!