GuestPost for DQ ;)

 DQ    has asked me to do a guest post for her space, I rummaged a bit for ideas. Nothing popped up except a book review - But "Ishithaa" is a space that I have come to identify with stories and a book review just didn't appeal to me.  It was only later in the day, in midst of usual "whats for dinner" whatsapp conversation that this idea of doing a "recipe" post stuck me - it allured to the foodie in me while the story behind it seemed apt for Ishithaa.  Read the story and recipe behind this pic here........

Go on ask Bhavya what DQ stands for ;)


  1. Looks like you're cooking leaves? Large ones, like maybe banana leaves? Still making my way through the a-z linky, though it looks like lots of folks have stopped blogging since the challenge.

  2. Dear Meena..that makes me gooo Yummm..I came here from Bhavya's Blog and I eill definitely give it a try this weekend and I am a foodie tooo..Thank you for Guestposting ib her page..and we got to know you..Why dont U participate in Blog Challenge too... Nice to meet you :D

  3. Even though I am veg the presentation looks appealing!