Valentine day.....

.... Should be symbolic of the true loves of our life! Now who says that its only ur "Special somebody" who can be the "Love of your life". It could be anybody from your niece to your pet dog to your best friend rt.....

So imagine the high that hubbs is in on this special day for he is been gifted with what can only be called as one of his many "true loves in life" -  by his SIL on the valentines day eve!

So without any further ado let me introduce this "special something" that has hubbs positively glowing ..... A pair of "pluggers" :-D (Jus a fancy term for funky sandals - the kind that you would wear on beach)

All of u allowed to roll ur eyes at this juncture for how can  a pair of sandals can give a man in his 30s a high(beats me too!)! But  plz remember its ma hubbs we talking of who is truly in love with his shoes-sandals n the fact that there is a ongoing curfew at our house on buying more shoes-sandals. The curfew is simply cause he already has 30+ pairs of shoes-sandals(!!!!).

Here is a pic fro his blog, to commentate this day.......

PS: This post originated post a conversation on FB with Mridula


  1. Meena see it would have been better if we didn't talk about V day? :D

    1. Ha ha ha! Am glad we had it cause tht was the input for my post :-D

  2. Hehehe wishing u both loads of luv and fun :P

  3. 30 plus pairs of shoe-sandals! Amazing! A happy V Day to both of you! :)