Book Review: The White Tiger.

"White Tiger" by Arvind Adiga  is been on bestseller list for sometime now ~~ so yea hv oft head of it but never happ to pick it up. But when Sabs dropped a copy at home the other day, I decided to gve it a shot.

The book is abt a driver turned murderer turned a enterprising business man. The man starts his life from one of the many "darkest"(in all senses) villages in India where his enthusiasm to study is nipped in the bud and his chances to succeed in life are next to nil! But thanks to some street-smartness n luck, he ends up in Delhi as a driver. Soon poverty, "city-life" converts this simpleton of a man to to a murderer and then a business man.

Now thou I hv spent almost all my life in India, the socio - economic in Indian villages was truly a shocker to me.

The story in itself doe snot have too many twists and turns.The beauty of the book lies in its detailing ~~ But errr the painful detail with which certain scenes were described literally made me feel like puking(Imagine a whole two-three lines describing the car owners farting habits  - yikes!).

There are people I know who have loved it but nee not yours truly!


  1. I have read this one too and I liked it for the simple fact that the scenes were the same but told from the driver's eye!

  2. This is on my 'must read list'... have heard a lot about this book! :)

  3. I found it a little too condescending, though have to admit his style is quite engorssig :)