Hotel Genres!

Jus like there is a 'Genre' that you love in fashion, in books, in food, holidays - there ought to be a genre that you love in hotels!

After a few trips, I realize my genre isnt "hotels" - Am more of a "Homestay" kinda person! A small cosy quaint homestay tucked in lap of nature - maybe its the "personalized" attention, maybe its the crowd that typically frequent these places, maybe its the promise of a future u could hv for yourself :-)

Definetely in Lap of Nature!

My Fav dining seating. Nothing like putting ur feet up after a long day of site-seeing!

Did u like them? Tell me whats ur Fav hol genre??


  1. Waw looks beautiful, I wish you had put some more pics :)

  2. Looks beautiful! Home away from home, truly. I like such places too.

    1. Err I love them cause they are miles away from my house :-D(Read more greenery)