Darkness to Light....

Today is a guest post by a dear friend. A friend who I associate with "Generosity" - after all my Kindle, favorite watch are courtesy him. It was in strange circumstances we became friends but am glad he remained my friend even when the "circumstance" ceased to be! He is a "ping" away at office - and on days when am down or downright bored - he is the man to go to :).  A man of few words(atleast when you met)  - he amazed me with his writings. Hidden deep somewhere is a philosopher - I wish he would write more.....

Over to him for his post on IWD....

It was a bright sunny day. A perfect day to spend time outdoor, the options are numerous, cricket?? football?? beach?? fishing?? long ride?? long drive??... the list goes on but something in my mind prompted me to go and experience the vastness, harshness & the calmness of the sea. The decision was indeed easy I decided to go with it..

Now I cannot just run into the vastness of the sea. First I packed some grub and loads of water. A bottle of sunscreen lotion, shades, cap and a fishing rod ...I think I am good to go. I rented a motorboat from the adventure club outlet near the beach and with their assistance I started my ride...er I set sail..

I was first amused then absorbed into the vastness of this giant creature we call an Ocean/Sea, gradually the beach and the people were becoming a distant memory. With every moving second the bright sunny day was turning into a cold windy and darker day. The next second I could feel myself lifted 500 ft and the following second a huge wave came crashing down my boat and the immediate second that followed was filled with emptiness.

The next moment was that of submergence. As I gradually went down and darkness set in, reminiscence of all things good made way into my empty & wet mind. This feeling of submergence was familiar, was not the first time ... I remember the helplessness of a newborn and the hand that pulled me to her warmth. I remember the helplessness of a boy and also the smile of an angel that pushed me through. I remember the struggle and helplessness of a young man and the soft shoulders that calmed me every day. Now I see another hand that is gradually pulling me and there I was in the arms of my sweet heart with coffee n toast beside me . She kissed me good morning and I woke to a wonderful day yet again.,, and indeed it was a good day,,, a sunny day,,,, time for outdoors., a walk by the beach with my sweet heart is all that is on my mind.

Every passing day and every passing moment, you have pulled me from darkness to light. You continue to inspire me to live another day another moment...

Do head over to his blog and tell him how beautifully he writes.....

Linking this to Day 7 of WT Fest ..... And with this comes to an end third edition of WT Fest of Words!I had an absolute whale of time during this fest.....

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  1. That was indeed beautiful Meenz!
    Your friend writes wonderfully! :)

  2. Beautiful :) heading over to his blog now :)

  3. Very very well written and meaningful.

  4. Women nurture and help to bring their loved ones out of despair.....well said.

  5. Very nicely written...love the ending statement You continue to inspire me to live another day another moment.

  6. It's a beautiful post and inspiring lines as an ode to the one who are our strength:)

  7. In spite of you being around him for so long, you can't turn him into a regular writer Meena? Shame! I'd say, if I may. Did you give him all the dialogues you gave me? That he is wasting his talent and all the other hi-fi drama? And he still doesn't write? Grab his throat and do all that you must, for he HAS to write. The way he writes, its evident that there are multiple stories within him - ones that will hurt and soothe, delight and make us cry.

  8. Very beautifully written, your friend is a great writer.

  9. This is indeed a lovely write... Specially how the emptiness seeps in when you watch the vast ocean.