Travel – Festival of Words 2 – Day 5

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Not in a mood to do the touristy things when at Ooty? Worry not - how does a Winch ride across seventeen Kms of  undisturbed sholas and wildlife habitat sound? Or maybe spend the morning with the planters in the Tea Estates - from plucking the leaves to tasting the freshly brewed tea! Or how about spending the evening in company of the Local Toda Tribes - with a free lesson in the famous Thoda Shawl weaving thrown in and even sample their cuisine! Sounds very interesting right.....

 Nathan was impressed with himself for having come up with this interesting iternary for Aalamma. He had been for last couple of days to get her to do "Touristy Things" - sail down the ooty lake or a morning walk in the famous botanical garden. But everytime, she declined it with her characterestic shake of head. "Maybe she is too old to do these touristy things" thought Nathan and in a sudden brain wave came up with this innovative plan - it seemed to him that it would appeal to Aalamma at every level!

So Nathan was pretty heartbroken when Aalamma almost laughed out loud reading his plan before declining it with her now irritating head shake! He was at his wits end - she seemed to hang around the home-stay through the day and in the evening go to a hip-n-happening cafe frequented by the visiting foreign tourists! Aalamma seemed such a misfit in that surroundings that Nathan couldn't just wrap his head around the idea......After all how could a place overflowing with booze and loud music  interest a sedate Indian grandmother!

To Be Contd...

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  1. She goes there to see her!!! Waah.... can you post the next instalment right away? Pleeez?

  2. :-) I am full of admiration that you are writing a serial story. Waiting to read what happened next, Meena!

  3. Nice ....I agree with Bhavya. Too much suspense only! ;)

  4. I'm glad I read it all in one go!!
    Very interesting Meens!! And yes, pls post the next part!! :P :P

  5. Lovely story and makes for an interesting read. Now, I can't wait to read what happens next:)

  6. I want to be like her when I grow old. Shake my head irritably at all senile options :D