Music – Festival of Words – Day 4

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"I Swear"

I swear by the moon
and the stars in the sky
and I swear like the
shadow that's by your side........

Aalina sighed as she finished another rendition of this soulful song -   her Dad's favourite - to a room full of hooting crowd. She was thankful to her father whose love for music she had inherited. Also it was her only source of bread and butter after her parents tragic death in an air accident a few months ago. Soon she was swindled off her inheritance by "well-meaning" relatives. Thus at the ripe age of sixteen, Aalina had to fend for herself and her old Nanny.

A cafe down the road which was  favourite haunt with the backpacking foreigners offered to pay her a decent amount for evening musical recitals. It seemed a God sent opportunity then - she could do something she  loved and make some quick buck out of it! And the crowd loved her right back - what was not to love about a young chirpy girl whipping out their old favorites........

Haa those long soirees of never ending music and beer with audience joining in for impromptu jamming sessions were strangely liberating.....

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  1. So what happens next? Does she get luckier in life?

  2. I wonder why you haven't tried writing novellas before itself... Good going.. :)

  3. 2 parallel plots... will Aalina meet Aalamma in the next part?

  4. I love that song - it is superbly performed!