Book Review: And The Mountains Echoed

Pic Courtesy Google!
The latest book from the writer of "Kite Runner" and "Thousand Splendid Suns". Now let me acknowledge that I have not read either of this books - for no reason this writer intimated me(!!). This weekend, the weather was just right to curl up with a book and the book that I happened to pick up on whim was "And The Mountains Echoed". Errr I happened to finish the book from start to finish in literally one sitting :-D - So hooked was I to the book.

The central theme around which the book revolves is the story of a little gal "Pari". There are many
other stories running paralelly - Its the story of - of a bro-sis whose relationship was nipped even before it started - the heartburn that it ensues thru the life, of a lady who is in a perpetual state of unhappiness, of a chauffeur who doubles up as the care-taker and even becomes the gay-lover of his master, of Talibans, of War Criminals, Of refugees, of social workers working in war prone countries and may other interesting character sketches!  But each story ties up v neatly to the main story...... A delight to read!

Indeed Khaled Hosseini is a master story teller! N no prizes for guessing how I landed up with the book ;)


  1. Definitely sounds like a must read.. !!! lucky you... :-D

  2. This is on my list, Meena. Hoping to get hold of it soon. Have read both his other books, and loves the way he tells a tale. They were sad, heart wrenching, but hopeful, in the end.

    1. Will hv to start on them now :)

  3. Bought the kindle version recently. Yet to start reading though :)

  4. Have an e copy of this but not very keen to read it

  5. This is my birthday gift this year.. and yes I am dying to read it soon :)

    Thanks for such lovely review!

  6. Flipkart delivered it last week... looking forward to read it now! Had loved his earlier 2 books immensely!

  7. Looking forward to read it :)