The litt pleasures......

Isnt she a doll!
Sometime early last year I wrote this post on my cousin who was expecting her baby soon. What I dint mention then was that she was the first(and to date - the only) cousin\sibling of my age circle(as against your elder cousins) to become a mother.

So yesterday when I first had a glimpse of her daughter, almost a year after she was born - my heart literally went out to the little imp! Tht naughty glint in her eyes will have you gush with warmth n love. What I wanted  to really give her was a big-tight hug! But the danger of having her scream murder, ensured that all all of us followed her mandate of "Keep distance - Min 10 ft" v meekly! Love u sweetheart, muah! Cant wait to see you again.......

This along with the fact that my maid who was AWOL for more than 10 days has finally shown up today and the promise of some retail therapy with ma sis post lunch today, promises to make this a happppie weekend!


  1. Awww she is a doll indeed. And hope u indulged in the retail therapy too :) :)

  2. She is a doll indeed and enjoy your weekend.

  3. The lil' one is so cute! Hope you had a great time while shopping! :)