Hang Our heads in shame!

Did u read this article on mass exodus of people back to their homes in Assam - for they fear that they will bear the brunt of the back-lash of communal riots.

Imagine they must be people like u n me who have made some other state their home in search of livelihood(More often than not - they will be the only breadwinners of their family with no other financial backup). And today, they will hv to abandon everything and flee to save the own skin from their own brethren.

Sadly, this happened on the day of our 65th Independence day... Someway to being in th eindependence day huh!!! Time we hang our heads in shame....


  1. So many things that drive us bonkers!

  2. I wish some mainstream media throws light on what actually happened and also the general public shows some interest in knowing the truth :(

    Many of them have left Hyderabad too bcoz they are so scared of groups which might attack them. :(

  3. Its sad...pretty looking north indian guys and gals are probably the sweetest people I know.
    This shud absolutely not happen.